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An eclectic décor style can be adifficult design style to master. It’s equal parts easy and challenging. Do itright, and you’ll have a careful combination of interesting heterogenous elements. Do it wrong, and you could end up with a mish-mash of trends that’s just a plain eyesore. The key to successfully pulling off an eclectic decorating style is, of course, that precarious balance between thoughtful curation and no-brainer mixing and matching.

The benefits you can reap from an eclectic space is endless. It doesn’t matter the style and architecture of your future home. Whether it is an industrial looking bukit oug condo or a period property in the old town PJ, an eclectic décor style is a unique aesthetic that transcends the rules and parlance of conventional design and is sure to fit into any space.

Although thoughtful editing is the way to go in an eclectic décor style, don’t forget to indulge in a bit of rebellion when it comes to adhering to tried-and-true décor rules. Read on for some tips in the form of dos and don’ts when it comes to eclectic decorating.

Do: Mix textures

An eclectic décor style is all about mixing and matching. Remember to incorporate a variety of textures, ranging from rough to smooth, to add more interest to your space. This is especially vital if you have a simple or plain color palette. Think about adding some shaggy rugs or frilly pillows or even throwing some thick basket weave fabrics on your furniture. Also, don’t forget to consider the textures of your existing furniture pieces as well.

Don’t: Forget to repeat the use of similar textures

While we’re still on the topic of textures, don’t think that every texture can only be used once. While the key is to combine textures, do not forget that repetition is also crucial. Consider using the same texture in different spots throughout your home. Repeat the same texture at least three times in order to help maintain a cohesive look to your space.

Do: Consider negative space

There comes a point when you need to consider when to leave some spaces empty. Negative spaces work as a place where your eyes can rest. Consider keeping some surfaces void of décor in order to help maximize the impact of the pieces you do display. For example, if you have a wall filled with an array of artwork, keep furniture and décor in front of the artwork to a minimum.

Don’t: Display your entire collection

While you might be tempted to throw together all of your pieces in the name of eclectic philosophy, don’t. Resist the need to have your entire collection of décor pieces out all at once. Consider mixing things up to ensure that your space stays safely away from hoarding-like situations. The key is editing: edit your pieces around your favorite few, and rotate other pieces in and out as the situation calls for. Sometimes, it’s not only about the pieces that you display, but also about the pieces that you don’t.

Do: Consider layout

With eclectic design, it’s easy to get caught up with the multitude of colors, textures and patterns that you’re ultimately going to mix together. However, even more important that the fabrics of the sofa or the color of the walls is the layout and placement of your pieces. Layout and placement can be much more important, as it decides he overall comfort and feel of the room.

Don’t: Forget a focal point

As with any design style, don’t forget to incorporate a focal point. Although it might seem like eclectic style is just the simple act of combining styles and periods with a miscellany of décor pieces, it’s actually a process that requires much more curated focus. However, with eclectic style, you can go with an unexpected element as a focal point, like a brightly colored accent wall, or a bold piece of artwork.

Do: Consider utility

While you’re playing around with the décor pieces that you will ultimately incorporate in you space, remember not to lose sight of the utility of your space. The myriad of potential colors and possible fabrics you can choose for your space can turn eclectic design into a daunting task. Instead of letting it all overwhelm you, let utility inform your décor choices instead. Remember that your space is meant to be lived in.

Don’t: Be inconsistent

There is no set rule on what you can and cannot do with eclectic design. Its nature is in itself to be varied. However, before you take this as a sign that anything goes, remember that each distinct space in your home should complement each other. If you do plan on settling on eclectic style, remember to carry the eclecticism throughout your space and home in order to create a good flow. Abrupt style changes only serve to make spaces look disjointed.

Do: Practice balance

Eclectic style is the successful mixing of different décor styles and pieces from different periods. Before things end up looking haphazardly placed, keep in mind that balance can be found easily through scale and symmetry. For example, similar lines and shapes can help pieces that are different styles go together.

Don’t: Mistake eclectic for “anything goes”

Eclectic design does not mean an absence of rules. Rather, it walks a fine line between carefully edited layering and busy, distracted mixing. Remember that the key is not only mixing and matching pieces that would otherwise not make sense, but also to look at your space as a whole.

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